How-to use SARDU MultiBoot Creator

How-to use SARDU MultiBoot Creator

This guide is a How-to use SARDU MultiBoot Creator step by step.
This  presents an overview of software installation, use and maintenance from download to first pen drive multiboot.

Put multiple ISOs in one bootable USB MultiBoot

SARDU MultiBoot creator is a software to create a MultiBoot pen drive allowing to put multiple live CD ISOs file in one bootable USB stick.
It’s available here the list of ISOs managed by SARDU.

Download last version of SARDU

Download last SARDU version compressed package file
How-to use SARDU MultiBoot Creator – Download last version

First of all download last version of SARDU, in your browser  navigate to the following link , download the package as compressed file for your Operating System.
Extracts the contents of a package to a specified folder*.
SARDU is a standalone portable software,  do not need installation and can be run directly from the folder by clicking the executable file.
Does necessarily require network connection to function (obtain the ISOs and register the software)**.

First Launch


HowTo use SARDU MultiBoot Creator - unregistered version
HowTo use SARDU MultiBoot Creator – unregistered version

If you have a serial number, activation will be part of the first launch process since accept the license.​
A messagebox invite to register for free your copy of SARDU MultiBoot Creator.
Free registration is optional but strongly recommended becouse only registered and PRO version download the updated ISOs database in real time.
Especially relevant SARDU integrates a downloader to downlod the ISOs from the manufacturer sites. Registered version can download three ISOs simultaneously.


SARDU downloading ISOs
SARDU downloading ISOs

With a right click –> download will automatically appear in the download queue.  Created your queue another step is  manually initiate the download within download section.
Downloaded the ISOs the red icon becomes light blu, in conclusion the file path will complete the appropriate column.
As a result the inline checkbox can be selected and the ISOs  to be added to the pendrive.

If you have previously download the ISOs you have two possibility: double click in the second column or right click in the name of the ISO and look the file.
All the files may have a different path.
The ISOs are archived by default in a subfolder named ISO.
SARDU MultiBoot Creator can insert more ISOs in one step.
Users can enable the ones you wish to be copied to the USB stick.

Finally: create the USB drive MultiBoot

Insert the flash drive  into the computer, looking in the right column and click on Search USB button.

Select every ISO you want to add to your USB stick.

USB selected
USB selected

Make sure you select the correct USB drive, recommended FAT32, verifying the data, as sufficient capacity,  in the appropriate section.

Then again in the right column, click Create USB to start the installation. The process will take a while, depending on the operating system ISOs have been selected.











* Please don’t use path with special characters, only alphanumeric characters.
** User can import the ISO files and register the software manually.