SARDU MultiBoot Creator Free – Pro

SARDU MultiBoot Creator Windows TAB GUI
Multiboot with multiple Windows Installer and Windows PE on one USB stick. Installer of Windows XP, Vista, Seven, Eight , Ten

SARDU MultiBoot Creator updates never stops

The tool SARDU  MultiBoot Creator is a useful software designed to help you create an emergency rescue CD or USB drive with various rescue CDs antivirus, Linux distributions, recovery utilities, Windows PE , Windows installer and more.

SARDU unregistered version
SARDU unregistered version
OLD ISOs database

SARDU Multiboot Creator manage a large collection of bootables ISOs, more than 200, these  are continuously verified and updatedAll regular updates are automatically applied to all SARDU softwares for  free registered and PRO users .




SARDU registered version
SARDU registered version
ISOs database updated

If you are not a SARDU registered user click here to find how  you can become a registered user for free, you’ll then be asked to enter some basic information like your first name, last name, date of birth, and country.

Don’t worry, SARDU will never share your personal details with anyone else.

After the registration it takes a few  seconds to get your serial number to activate your software emailed to you.

I’ve signed up to SARDU, what now?

Please launch the SARDU MultiBoot Creator  software for Windows or GNU Linux, if you haven’t already download the software please make it from here, press register menu and compile the form with your email and your serial number. As a result the software  download in real time last updated database of ISOs managed  customized according to your license.

I’ve registered my SARDU Multiboot Creator software, what now?

You’ll find individual tabs for Antivirus, Utility, Linux, and Windows, as well as a Pro users only “Extra” tab.
First of all please choose your ISO software, download and select them.
Furthermore SARDU tools integrate a downloader.
We have all selected operating systems. Now we have to copy them to a USB flash drive to create the multibootable USB  with our choices. Look for one with sufficient capacity and format it in FAT32.
Click Create USB button to start the installation. The process will take a while, depending on the operating system choosed and fastest pendrive used.

bbs-popup UEFI - Legacy boot from USB
bbs-popup UEFI – Legacy boot from USB

Shut down your computer and insert the USB flash drive. Turn it on and press the ‘BBS popup‘ shortcut key to boot from a USB on your computer.
Finally SARDU MultiBoot menu should start instead of the operating system (ISOs) you have installed.

Especially relevant know that SARDU it’s incremental. User can add or remove ISOs software from the USB  later.